Gala/Architectural Artifacts

This was my third time photographing for the wonderful CircEsteem at the beautiful Architectural Artifacts in Chicago. CircEsteem celebrated their annual fundraising gala as hosted by Jenny MacBeard of Blue Moon Events. I cannot advocate for this group enough for all the good they do for the community, the generosity and sincerity of its teachers, and the genuine enthusiasm and inclusion displayed by the students. CircEsteem is now offering adult classes in gym wheel, trapeze, silks, as well as the trampoline for their winter 2017 season. I tried the 3-hour sample course one Saturday morning and while physically demanding, it was a fantastically fun and educational experience. Architectural Artifacts is also worth a visit. Its interiors are chock full of antiques and curiosities from around the world. The space was recently renovated and is now an excellent location for events. Check it out!


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