Sleepy Hollow (Road, that is)

There is a road between work and home that I love to drive down. On weekends, I'll walk along the edge of a lane or through the fields and woods beyond the farms and houses dotting Sleepy Hollow. One time a cop car pulled up beside me and the policewoman asked if I was okay. You'd think that the one advantage of living in semi-rural suburbs would be no suspicion thrown upon pedestrians! This road is so lovely. In spring, cherry blossoms in every shade from palest pink to deepest magenta burst open on the trees of private grounds. The trees along the sides of the road are unusually tall and slender and cloak everything beneath in an overarching canopy of green. Sunlight dapples through the tiny spaces in the leaves on the hottest days, keeping Sleepy Hollow cool and cut off from the cacophony of the steaming summer outside. Herds of deer roam through the trees, just out of sight on the edges of human world. I was walking on the path one day when I heard faint cries coming from in between the trees. Hoping to stumble across a hidden fawn curled up on the ground, I ventured into the wild until I was chased out...by bees. Another time I screeched to a halt beside a magnificent stag grazing right on the side of the road. Tall summer stalks hid his lower body from view but the late afternoon sun illuminated his head and antlers brilliantly. He was absolutely enormous! We observed each other for a moment before he bounded up the hill towards the backyards of some houses, no doubt containing more appetizing gardens.

There is a lone dilapidated barn on the road. It sits on the property of a small ranch house. Attached is a large, fenced-in field overrun with tall grasses and a tractor sitting in the middle. Two horses roam these grounds. I keep trying to work up the nerve to approach them to take a picture; I wasn't sure if the owners wouldn't chase me away. One afternoon the people who lived in the house were riding motorbikes around their property and hollering like mad. The barn sat between where they were and the horses. I snuck up to the fence, batted away the flies, held my breath against the smell, and snapped a few quick photos. Perhaps it's good I did that since I haven't seen them this year. But just the other day I spotted a small fox with a long bushy tail...I wonder if I can capture it on camera?

Veronica Zhang