Streets of Las Vegas

Everyone said that Las Vegas would be a surreal experience. I didn't really find that to the be case going in. It seemed to be a city like any other, albeit on grand scale. Everything was huge: the hotels, the boulevards, the flamingo! The epicenter of the strip didn't look to be too hard to navigate; yet the spaces in between the attractions were further apart than expected on the ground. It was a dizzying, cigarette-scented maze. I lost track of the days we spent there and the sequential order of activities. On our last night, we went to a Cirque du Soleil show. It was absolutely spectacular and the things that the performers did were beyond comprehension. I fell asleep right at the beginning of the performance and had to be jostled awake every 10 minutes thereafter. What I remember now is walking around the esplanade behind the Flamingo Hotel at 2:00am with Sam, determined to find a hot meal at a restaurant with no wait line, too tired to eat or admit defeat to sleep. I remember only flashes of light and images at Tao, dancing with girls until a man's arm encircled my waist and pulled me away and we swayed together for a little while until my friends pulled me back. I never saw his face. I wasn't really myself in that city. And maybe that enables people to make Las Vegas what it is.

Veronica Zhang