The Christkindlmarket

A little winter nostalgia as spring approaches. I found this amongst photographs taken of Monisha and her family. She's probably the person I've attended the Christkindlmarket in Chicago with the most, and she and I visited the market together for the first time 11 years ago with other students from Fremd as part of the International Club. (Nerdy and quaint, I need not be told!) Everyone boarded a school bus that drove from the Northwest suburbs all the way into downtown Chicago. By the time we arrived, it was dark and bitterly cold. But the small square in which the booths had been set up were brilliantly lit and emanated joviality and warmth...mainly from the amount of people packed into the maze of the market. Lager flowed freely and an enormous Christmas tree towered over the festivities. People oohed and ahhed over the beautiful wares being sold. The event hasn't really changed in the subsequent years I've attended, but the first time I always remember as the most enchanting. My favorite thing is the old-fashioned candy shoppe. We always stuff ourselves with gingerbread, cotton candy, and caramel corn until right up before we actually get sick. It's the best! The scene above unfolded just outside of the market on the square. I'm...not sure what they were supposed to represent. Their eyes were closed against the world and they smiled at whatever unheard rhythm they transpired to. I didn't want to disturb them by asking! I haven't seen them again but here's to keeping it weird with the traditional.

Veronica Zhang